UMZ Goals

UMZ Goals:The University of Mazandaran strives to fulfill the following goals:

  • Goal 1: Continuous development of the quality of education:

    “UMZ will train its students well-prepared for successful careers, efficient work on a global scale, and a responsible citizenship through high-quality programs.”

  • Goal 2: Developing a thoughtful, diverse, high-quality student society.

  • Goal 3: Providing academically-qualified and undertaking faculty and staff:

    “UMZ will attract, retain, and support an engaged and outstanding workforce.”

  • Goal 4: Enhancing organizational capability:

    “UMZ is effectively improving its financial, physical, and resource capacities.”

  • Goal 5: Improving the quality of life for all members of the UMZ family.

  • Goal 6: Supporting scientific research and production

  • Goal 7: Maintaining effective communication between academia and industry

  • Goal 8: Introducing the university as a reference in the fields of humanities and arts

  • Goal 9: Maintaining the cultural relationship between the university and the community:

    “University can improve the cultural situation of the society, influence it, or be influenced by it.”