Dr. Heshmatollah Alinezhad

Professor of Organic Chemistry

Faculty: Faculty of Chemistry

Since its establishment, our university has accumulated and disseminated knowledge, based on high-level research and also doing efforts to educate future leaders who can provide solutions to urgent national and global-scale challenges. Based on our basic philosophy of expanding international collaboration with other universities, we have been encouraging many students from overseas to study at our campus. As of September 2002, we have had many international students, including full-time degree-seeking students majoring in different academic fields as well as exchange students from various countries.

University of Mazandaran is recognized nationally for the educational value it provides; it prepares the 13000 members of its student body with both the specific knowledge they need to pursue their careers and the ability to continue to learn once they leave the University. This combination equips them to be successful in today’s constantly changing knowledge-based world.

The University also has a significant positive impact on the educated workforce of the province. Moreover, it is one of the main contributors to the development and economic growth in the north of the country. For long, it has also acted as a major supporter of entrepreneurship and innovation in the region; through constant and tireless efforts of its teachers as well as its graduates, whose education shapes the institutions and businesses of the province, University of Mazandaran has been able to take giant steps in fulfilling its mission of enhancing the quality of life of the people of the region.

Finally, it is my honor to have the opportunity to serve as the president of this great university and to work together with its hardworking faculty, staff, and students in pursuing our shared goal of making sure that our university will continue to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

President of the University

Prof. Heshmatollah Alinezhad