Introduction to the University of Mazandaran 

Babolsar School of Economic and Social Sciences In 1971, in cooperation with Harvard University, in order to train specialized human resources in the fields of economics, accounting and finance, social economy and labor law, and with the name "School of Economic and Social Sciences" as a non-profit institution at the location of the Grand Hotel Babolsar (current central organization of University of Mazandaran) was established.
Began in February 1971, 300 students were admitted and in the next semester, the fall semester of 1972, 600 students were accepted, and full-time and part-time professors were engaged in teaching. In this way, the Higher School of Economic and Social Sciences became one of the most important higher schools in Iran after a few years due to good educational management.
University of Mazandaran, which is currently considered the largest higher education center in this province, has a history of 43 years, the core of which is the Higher School of Economic and Social Sciences, the Sari School of Agricultural Sciences, the Gorgan Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the Tarbiat Debir Center. Noshirvani Babol Technical University and Babolsar Postgraduate Education Center have formed.
On September 26, 1980, and with the approval of the Supreme Revolutionary Council for the merger of these centers, University of Mazandaran was officially established, and in recent years, it has grown significantly in both quantitative and qualitative fields.

The comprehensive development plan of University of Mazandaran in Babolsar city was implemented on a land of 160 hectares and about 130,000 square meters of educational, educational, research, welfare and dormitory, administrative and cultural space was built and provided to academics in the past 43 years.

Educational Activities
Currently, there are 13 faculties: Faculty of Chemistry, Basic Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law and Political Sciences, Art and Architecture, Economic and Administrative Sciences, Theology and Islamic Education, Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Literature and Languages. foreign, technical and engineering, marine and environmental sciences, cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts in Nowshahr (262 fields - trends) are working in this university.

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Research activities

Publication of more than 500 books, 25 scientific journals and hundreds of scientific-research articles in reliable domestic and foreign databases, establishment of laboratories equipped with world-class technologies in order to carry out detailed research by academic staff members and students, central library and document center with 220,000 books and communication With the scientific and research bases of the country and the world, it is one of the capacities of this university.

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The total number of books published by  University of Mazandaran  since its inception



The total number of books published by  University of Mazandaran  in 1400



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The ISC - 2022 global ranking

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 University of Mazandaran

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1801 - 2000

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701 - 823

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The position of  University of Mazandaran  in Times ranking


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1-2 Top Scientists 2020 (1400)

Top 1% scientist

Dr. Jahanbakhsh Raouf, Mustafa Eslami, Akbar Hajizadeh Moghadam, Hossein Jafari

Top 2% scientists

Dr. Mustafa Eslami, Musa Ghaemi, Jahanbakhsh Raouf, Reza Ojani, Hossein Jafari, Ahmad Ali Rabi Netaj, Behzad Islampanah, Morteza Gurbanzadeh, Shahram Ghasemi Mir, Heshmatullah Alinejad, Korosh Nozari, Milad Ghani, Jafar Sadeghi, Ali Behari, Mohammad Gholami , Mohammad Hossein Fatemi, Behrouz Maleki

2-2 Top scientists 2021 (1401)

Top 1% scientists

Dr. Ahmad Ali Rabi Netaj Darzi, Mustafa Eslami, Behrouz Maleki, Hossein Jafari

Top 2% scientists

Mr. Dr. Mustafa Eslami, Korosh Nowzari, Jahanbakhsh Raouf, Behrouz Maleki, Musa Ghaemi, Reza Ojani, Ahmad Ali Rabi Netaj Darzi, Behzad Islampanah, Mehdi Nematzadeh Afrozi, Hashmat Elah Ali Nejad, Shahram Ghasemi Mir, Morteza Gurbanzadeh Ahangari, Ali Behari, Mohammad Hossein Fatemi, Mohammad Gholami and Yaqub Fortun

2-3 Active technology and knowledge-based companies

Top Technology Company ( Fan Gostar Perto Rayton Innovators) and Top Knowledge Base Company: Farapoosh Hoshiar Knowledge Base Company and 4 knowledge base companies are active in this university.

2-4 Technology management and application plans (communication with society and industry)

1-2-4- Research contracts

Current contracts: 35 contracts

Contracts concluded in the last year: 22 contracts

2-2-4- Study opportunities for faculty members in society and industry

Sending more than 35  University of Mazandaran  faculty members to society and industry in the last two years

3-2-4- Signing of memorandums of understanding
73 memorandums of understanding signed with society and industry

5-  University of Mazandaran  Central Library and Document Center

The Central Library and Document Center of  University of Mazandaran  started in 1361 with a collection of more than 3000 Persian and Latin book titles in a space of 300 square meters and with 5 employees. Persian, Arabic, Latin, Russian, Persian and Latin publications, theses, government documents and hundreds of other sources and the activities of 19 senior experts, experts, postgraduates in a space of about 8500 square meters, one of the largest libraries in Iran and It is the largest library in Mazandaran province, which provides useful and extensive services at the university and provincial level .



Active laboratories

 University of Mazandaran  has specialized laboratories and advanced devices to carry out research activities, despite the history of fields in basic sciences (chemistry, physics and biology), physical education and sports sciences.

Student cultural activities

In  University of Mazandaran , more than 60 centers and student scientific associations actively participate in scientific, cultural, and social programs, and in recent years, students have witnessed many honors in various scientific, sports, cultural, and Quranic fields in the form of We have been to national and international Olympiads and festivals.

Also, obtaining top ranks in the entrance exams for master's and doctorate degrees by the graduates of this university is one of the other things worth mentioning in this regard.

Hazrat Zainab's girls' dormitory, Imam Hossein's and Nawab Safavi's boys' dormitory accommodates more than 3,000 students. Canteens in university campuses and dormitory complexes provide services to students in three shifts.

The presence of green spaces overlooking the sea in the dormitory complexes along with sports-recreational facilities (multiple sports halls, private beach) is one of the advantages of this university.

The approach of  University of Mazandaran  in scientific diplomacy and internationalization of higher education

 University of Mazandaran  has been one of the pioneer universities in the field of international communication.  , 25 years ago,  , the Union of State Universities along the Caspian Sea with the presence of the presidents of University of Guilan,  University of Mazandaran  and Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources from Iran, Astrakhan State Technical University, Dagestan State University, Kalmykia University from the Russian Federation, Atyrau State University from Kazakhstan and Baku State University was established in Azerbaijan. Currently, this union has 55 members consisting of universities, science and technology parks and research institutes. Holding sports olympiads, holding scientific seminars and exchanging professors and students in the 1980s were among the achievements of these collaborations.

It has also concluded many joint research agreements with leading universities in European and Asian countries.  University of Mazandaran  welcomes non-Iranian students from neighboring countries, including Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and India, in line with the increase of international scientific interactions and according to the policies of the Ministry of Ataf in recent years .

One of the noteworthy points is the welcoming of non-Iranian students to study in the fields of economic sciences and management. Also, according to the statistics of the Faculty of Marine and Environmental Sciences, it has the lowest number of non-Iranian students.

 University of Mazandaran  considers scientific diplomacy as a reliable solution for scientific growth, increasing soft power, formation of common interests, development of stable security and reduction of development costs and creating new interactions in the form of student admission, joint courses, joint research projects, holding scientific seminars, He welcomes study and research opportunities.

It is worth mentioning that with the assistance of the Consular Affairs Management of the General Directorate of International Student Affairs of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in order to facilitate and accelerate the process of issuing study visas for international students of universities in Mazandaran province, from now on the matters related to the study visas of all international students working in public universities , free, non-profit and medical sciences of Mazandaran province will be carried out by the consular office of the international cooperation office of  University of Mazandaran


Number of international students



The number of international courses




Final word

Since its establishment, this higher education center has trained and delivered tens of thousands of specialized students who are working in all parts of our country

 University of Mazandaran , as a valuable offspring and the rich scientific and cultural fruit of the Islamic Revolution, has brought many blessings to Mazandaran province and the country, and educated academics have left behind valuable scientific, research, educational, cultural and social services in order to materialize Imam Rahel's strategy that "the university is the source of all developments"

With gratitude to all the intellectuals who played a role in the establishment, development and administration of  University of Mazandaran , and thanks to the efforts of the honorable members of the academic staff and honorable staff, the managerial effort and social responsibility of the academicians is required for the growth and excellence of this great heritage, especially internationalization, community-oriented and entrepreneurial. Let's be more diligent in making this valuable institution innovative and technological