Grading System in Iran

Grading system in Iranian higher education


In Iran, higher education is provided by universities, universities of technology, medical universities, professional education institutions, teacher training colleges and centers, and private institutions across the country. All universities are supervised by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT), the Ministry of Health and Medicine (MHM) and Islamic Azad universities.

Institutes of Technology offer two-year post-secondary programs leading to an “associate degree”. Universities offer four-year programs which lead to a bachelor’s degree and all universities follow the credit and semester system. A BA or BSs. Program typically requires between 130 - 140 semester hours of credits to complete, of which at least 60 credits must be in specialized subjects and in general, engineering degrees require a minimum of 140 credits. A BA/BSc. program can be completed as either a non-continual program, with the award of associate degree after two years and 67 – 72 credits, or as continual, after four years of study.

Upon completion of a BA/BSc. program, students with good grades are eligible to take entrance examinations for getting admitted to postgraduate programs. The non-continual degree of MA/MSc. program (Master’s degree) can generally be completed in two to two and a half years of study. The degree requires 32 to 36 credits and can be completed either through coursework or research. Doctor of Philosophy degrees can be completed with a minimum of three years of study after acquisition of an MA/MSc. degree. Students must sit for a comprehensive examination before moving to the research and dissertation phase of a doctoral programme.


Admission to higher education requires completion of upper secondary school and the one-year university preparatory programme and the National University Entrance Examination. Admission to postgraduate study requires completion of a bachelor's degree, good grades, and a competitive examination

Length: 2 years for an associate programme; 2-4 years for bachelor programs; 2 years for non-continual MA/MSc. programs; 3 years minimum for the Doctorate, after non-continual MA/MSc. Programs.

Grading Scale

Grading is based on a 0 to 20 scale with 10 as the lowest passing grade. At the master’s level a minimum passing grade of 12 is required, with a GPA of 14 required in order to graduate. At the doctoral level the minimum passing grade in individual subjects is 14, with a GPA of 15 required in order to graduate.

Passing Grade 10

Comparison Between European/US and Iranian Scales:

  • European & US Scale:A+ Iranian Scale:18.00 - 20.00
  • European & US Scale:A Iranian Scale:16.00 - 17.99
  • European & US Scale:B Iranian Scale:14.00 - 15.99
  • European & US Scale:C Iranian Scale:12.00 - 13.99
  • European & US Scale:D Iranian Scale:10.00 - 11.99
  • European & US Scale:F Iranian Scale:0.00 - 9.99