Central Library and Document Center

UMZ library can claim to be the university's collective memory; its task being to retrieve and store recorded knowledge of all kinds, and to make it available and usable to students, researchers and academic staff.

The University's library is comprised of the Central library and a number of other smaller faculty libraries. The Central Library with an area of 8500 square meters is the most substantial and the largest library in the region and the second biggest library in the country after the Central Library of the University of Tehran. It contains near 200000 volumes of books (150000 in Persian and 50000 in Latin) as well as 6450 volumes of postgraduate and Ph.D. theses, more than 4000 volumes of governmental documents, 300 titles of Persian and English periodicals and 1500 titles of reference books including encyclopedias, glossaries, dictionaries and reports in the form of books and audio-visual materials. The library lends an average of 1000 books to users every day. In addition, through connections to home and foreign academic networks it provide the necessary information to its clients.

The library staff is trained in all aspects of information skills; from initial introduction to the library to advanced literature searching through using databases and other facilities.