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The visit of Persian literature professors of Indian universities to the central library of University of Mazandaran


While visiting the central library of the university, the visiting professors of the Persian literature department of Indian universities discussed and exchanged opinions with Dr. Ghasemi, Vice-President for Research and Technology of University of Mazandaran and Mr. Mustafa Mohammadi, the head of the central library and document center of the university. In this meeting, Dr. Ghasemi, while pointing out the necessity of multilateralism in the field of culture and literature, stated that the roots and common historical aspects of the two countries, as well as the damage that exists in their historical record from the influence of the Westerners and the phenomenon of exploitation, should be a factor to accelerate And the consolidation of today's relations is meant. Emphasizing the rapid growth of India's economy as an emerging power and the high population of this country as a global strategic advantage, he stated that, contrary to the illusion of Westerners, the era of the unipolar system in the field of international relations has ended. The visiting professors of Indian universities also expressed their interest and expressed their opinion about the historical roots of Persian literature in India, and spoke about Iran's desire for greater interaction with Indian universities, especially the Muslim academic community of that country.