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Design and manufacture of a portable sewage treatment refinery

Dr. Morteza Ghorbanzadeh Ahangari

In order to protect the vulnerable climate and ecosystem of the northern part of Iran, there is an urgent need for practical design with low management cost. For this purpose, designing and building a pilot and portable sewage treatment refinery system with a capacity of 5 cubic meters per day to manage and control the pollution caused by the release of sewage in the ecosystem of the province in order to operate in small-scale mayoralties and waste transfer stations in Mazandaran University. It has been done with the material and spiritual support of the management and planning organization of the province and Tunkabon municipality. One of the prominent features of this 10-ton system, which has been used so far to treat leachate caused by waste, is that it can be moved, and due to its relatively small dimensions, it is very useful in burial sites where space is a problem.