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Distribution Network Expansion Based On The Optimized Protective Distance Of Surge Arresters

Khalil Gorgani Firouzjah

Expansion of the distribution network and close distance of distribution transformers lead to allocation of excessive surge arresters, while the number of arresters failures in the traditional routine may cause unwanted power outages. Therefore, this project aims to propose a method to decrease the number of surge arresters as well as keep overvoltage protection of the network in the event of direct lightning strokes. According to different bus structures of the distribution network, elimination of allocated arresters is carried out by investigation of their protective distances at different stroke conditions. A guideline is presented for the IEEE 34-bus distribution system and the outcome is compared with the standard. The analysis is also carried out for a practical distribution network at West Mazandaran Power Distribution Company, Mazandaran, Iran. Possibilities for the elimination of surge arresters at the transformer station.