11:03 | 23/09/2020
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The Office of International and Scientific Cooperation of University of Mazandaran, in cooperation with Universal Esperanto Organization (which has official relations with the United Nations and UNESCO) holds:

International Webinar Introducing a new, easy-to-learn and neutral language: ESPERANTO

International Webinar Introducing a new, easy-to-learn and neutral language: ESPERANTO

This webinar is held with the participation of professors from American, Italian, and British universities, in Esperanto and subsequent translation to Persian. There is also a dedicated time at the end of each lecture to answer the questions of the audience.

Esperanto فارسی

The Schedule of the Webinar

In English


Tehran Time (GMT 3:30+)


Language of the Lecture and the Translation

Title of the Lecture





Persian to Esperanto

Introduction to this webinar and University of Mazandaran
Introduction to the Universal Esperanto Organization

Dr. Zahra Karimi (University of Mazandaran)
Ahmad Reza Mamduhi (Universal Esperanto Organization)

First Lecturer



Esperanto to Persian

Esperanto as a bridge between cultures

Prof. Humphrey Richard Tonkin (University of Harvard, America)

Second Lecturer



Esperanto to Persian

The English language and the world language Esperanto, from the present world towards a world without hegemonism

Prof. Renato Corsetti (University of Rome, Italy)

Third Lecturer



Esperanto to Persian

Educational role of Esperanto

Prof. Francesco Maurelli (Heriot-Watt Univerity, England)

  • Each lecture will be about 20 minutes, and with a subsequent translation into Persian, each lecture will extend to about 40 minutes.
  • There will be 15 minutes of Q&As after each speech.

Taking Part in the Online Webinar

Jen Zoom-ligilo por eniri la Vebinarion:
Se necese, bv. entajpu ankaŭ la jenan Kunven-numeron:
Meeting ID: 839 2177 2031

For entering the Webinar in Zoom, please click on the following link:
If necessary, please type also the following Meeting-ID:
Meeting ID: 839 2177 2031

Introducing the Lecturers

پروفسور هَمفری  ریچارد تونکین

فارسی Esperanto English

پروفسور رِناتو  کورسِتّی

فارسی Esperanto English

پروفسور فرانچسکو  مورِلّی

فارسی Esperanto English

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