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University of Opole Congratulates the 50th Anniversary of University of Mazandaran

According to OISC, authorities and faculty members at University of Opole have expressed their greetings for the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of University of Mazandaran. Down below you can watch those videos and read the script of the videos.

Prof. Janusz Slodczyk

| Faculty of Economics, University of Opole

On the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of the University of Mazandaran, I sincerely congratulate the president of the university, professors, students and the entire community of University of Mazandaran and wish you further development and success in the fields of science and education of young people.

University of Mazandaran is especially close to my heart. While I was the vice president of the University of Opole, responsible for International Relations, we, together, managed to gain financial support and develop cooperation between our universities.

Thanks to this, we were visited by representatives of the authorities and professors of University of Mazandaran. At the same time, Iranian students were studying at the University of Opole. My colleagues and I have had the opportunity to visit University of Mazandaran several times. We had lectures with your excellent students. And we had the opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas with our Iranian fellow professors. I will never forget the openness, cordiality, and hospitality that I experienced at your university.

I greet the entire community of the University of Mazandaran, including especially my colleagues from the Department of Geography and Department of Urban Planning and the International Office of the University of Mazandaran. With hope that we will be able to continue our friendly and fruitful cooperation and one day, meet again.

Prof. Statkomir Nicieja

| Faculty of Philology, University of Opole

Dear colleagues, friends, professors, students, and staff members at University of Mazandaran, I would like to congratulate you on your splendid fiftieth anniversary.

Let’s wish that the coming years will enable us to maintain our friendship so we can visit each other again, and to reinvigorate and open a new chapter in the history of University of Opole and University of Mazandaran.

Once again, all the best wishes, and we are waiting for the next splendid occasion. I hope that it will be celebrated in a more traditional way. All the best from Opole to our friends and colleagues at University of Mazandaran.

Michal Wanke, PhD

| Faculty of Sociology, University of Opole

Prof. Magdalena Hlawacz

| Faculty of Art, University of Opole

Dr. Wanke: We would like to congratulate the academic community of Mazandaran University on its fiftieth establishment anniversary.

Prof. Hlawacz: So, we have been collaborating for some years, and it has always been a fruitful, inspiring and friendly cooperation.

Dr. Wanke: We cherish all the acquaintances that we have made from University of Mazandaran. Here I should mention the fact that we hosted wonderful students and insightful colleagues in Opole, and made connections that we all hope will last for a long time.

Prof. Hlawacz: We both visited Babolsar and we enjoyed every minute of our stay there and we hope to return and see you again.

Dr. Wanke: And you are always welcome to the University of Opole. Teshekkur (تشکر)

Prof. Hlawacz: Khodahafez (خداحافظ)

Halina Palmer Piestrak

| International Office of the University of Opole

Dear colleagues, my name is Halina Palmer Piestrak and I am the institutional Erasmus+ coordinator at the University of Opole in Poland.

Fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the University of Mazandaran is a great opportunity to send you our best wishes; Both on behalf of myself and on behalf of the whole institution.

We’ve already been cooperating for a couple of years. Our cooperation first started within the framework of Cooperation Agreement and then, as Erasmus+ partners.

Up to now, we have exchanged 35 participants between our institutions; which is quite a lot. We hosted, at University of Opole, 11 students, and 16 UMZ professors. Among them Philologists sociologists, and economists, and biologists, etc.

Eight University of Opole professors were able to visit different University of Mazandaran departments and faculties. We are very grateful for that!

and I’d like to wish you further great international relations achievements, both in the field of research and didactics. Let us hope that soon we will be able to host you again in Opole.

Tashakkur for everything and Khodahafez!

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