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Why Can’t some of the students see their grades in the Education System?


The reason that some of you students cannot see your grades is because either you haven’t yet paid the tuition fee or your payment hasn’t been processed and submitted in the golestan education system. In the following, we will first examine how you can see if you have any debt on the system and then we will guide you on how to inform the financial expert of the international office about your tuition payment issue.

Confirming if you have any tuition debt or not

First, we will explore step by step how you can make sure if you have any unpaid debt in the golestan system. To solve this issue, you will need to log into your account in the golestan system. To do this, first go to the golestan system’s website, and then log into the system by entering your username and password. If upon loggin in, you see a screen similar to the picture down below, it means that your access to the system has been limited due to the tuition payment issues.


However, if your system is not like the picture above and you can access all the tools of the system, there is no problem for your account and you can proceed to see your grades by clicking on the اطلاعات جامع دانشجو button and then choosing the current semester in the following page.

Now, let’s assume that you have unapplied debt in the system. To view this debt, you will need to hover over the شهریه item in the menu of the system and then click on the پرداخت های الکترونیکی دانشجو to be redirected to the online payments page of the system.


As you can see, the information of the current semester and the personal information of the student is shown in this page. Furthermore, the financial information of the students is also visible in the وضعیت (status) section. Here in this picture, the status is بدهکار (in debt) and the amount of the debt is 500 USD. Your financial information might be different. In order to see more information, you can click on the مشاهده وضعیت شهریه link. Something like the picture down below will be shown to you.


You will need to check this section and make sure if you have any current debts or not. If you haven’t paid the tuition yet, you can go to this page for more information on where to pay the tuition amount. However, if you have paid the tuition amount, and the debt hasn’t been cleared yet, you can contact the financial expert of the univerisyt.

Informing the financial expert of the university about your tuition issue

Whether you have already paid your tuition amount or you are going to pay the amount and see that your account is still limited, you can contact the financial expert of the university and inform them about this issue. When contacting this official, you will need to provide your student id, full name, and the receipt of your payment. The contact information of the financial expert is as follows:

Name and Surname:
Mr. Majid Mohammadtabar

Phone Number:
+98 911 580 8064 (WhatsApp)


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