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The Third International Branch of the Institute for Science and Technology Citation (ISC) in the European Union Region was Opened at the University of Belgrade

During a meeting between Rashid Hassanpour, the Iranian Ambassador to Serbia, and the Dean of the Faculty of Philology at the University of Belgrade, the issue of scientific and academic cooperation and the Persian language education development program at the university were discussed.

In this meeting, referring to the friendly and expanding relations between Iran and Serbia, the Ambassador of Iran to Serbia stated:

"Scientific and cultural interactions are the main and stable element in the development of relations between countries and therefore, we support scientific activities. Academic research and culture have a special priority for us, and fortunately, the high cultural, scientific, and literary capacities of Iran provide suitable opportunities for such activities."

Dr. Iva Draskic Vucanovich, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature of the University of Belgrade, while welcoming the Iranian delegation and confirming the words of Iran’s Ambassador, said: The Faculty of Philology of the University of Belgrade was established about one hundred years ago and started its activities by teaching Persian literature textbooks, and therefore it can be said that the spiritual structure of this faculty is based on the columns of Persian language and literature.

She praised the high academic level of Iranian universities, and expressed satisfaction with the establishment of scientific and academic relations between this university and Iranian higher education institutions, saying:

"Today we are very proud to be able to represent the Saadi Foundation to hold the AMFA test in Europe and also to start a long-term joint cooperation with the Shiraz Science Citation Institute (ISC), which is a valuable, large and unique scientific base in Iran and the region."

Dr. Ema Miljkovic, Head of the Department of Oriental Studies, University of Belgrade, also confirmed the Persian language teaching activities and expressed satisfaction with the interest of a large number of students in learning Persian, announced the efforts of this faculty to validate new courses related to Iranian literature and culture, which is in line with the plan to strengthen the Persian language chair in this university.

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