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University of Mazandaran

Taking a look around, one can see a lot of different logos everywhere; from the most trivial things like spoons and knives, to the most advanced gadgets in our hands. The importance of these logos cannot be denied as they display the identity of things which they represent; this applies to universities as well. Since many years ago and around the world, universities show a huge part of their identity through their logos. Through these logos, universities try to become known and distinguished in today's competitive world through illustrating the ideas, policies, position and importance of their institutions.

University of Mazandaran as one of the largest universities in the country first introduced its official logo at the time when it was established in.

The characteristics of UMZ's logo:

A) Clearly books are an inseparable part of knowledge: University of Mazandaran has tried to mirror the logo's framework as an open book, which depicts the scientific excellence of the university

B) Our cultural, literary as well as ancestral beliefs are also portrayed in this logo. In Persian literature, knowledge is likened to a fruitful tree, as in the poem below by Naser Khosrow:

درخت تو گر بار دانش بگیرد
به زیر آوری چرخ نیلوفری را
Once your tree grows the fruit of knowledge
You shall be ruling the heavens

The Tree of Knowledge is a motif in Persian literature, thus its importance is well portrayed in UMZ's logo

The location of the university is also introduced by placing the tree in the center of the logo. Taking into account that University of Mazandaran is in northern part of Iran and it is a forest covered area, the tree can be a symbol of greenery and wisdom at the same time.

C) The waves which are placed at the bottom of the logo indicate the Caspian Sea; they indeed embrace the province of Mazandaran and Babolsar.

D) The name of University of Mazandaran is written in Persian language at the bottom of the logo for which Persian Nastaliq handwriting is used. This amazingly beautiful handwriting style is the fruit of many years of Iranian calligraphy artists