“Women Study Center” of University of Mazandaran established in 2001. In 2002 this center obtained admission from the Ministry of Science and Technology to work as a research group and changed to a specialist research center for “Women’s Education and Employment”.

According to high participation rate of women in universities and their motives to be active in economic fields, challenges and opportunities of women’s high education levels and low employment rates are among most important social and economic problems in many developing countries. So, our group is an important research center that is focused on such issues.

“Women’s Education and Employment” research center has held many workshops and conferences regarding “Women’s Employment and National Development”, “Women Challenges for Participation in Economic and Social  Activities”, “ Women’s Status in Islamic Legal Structure”, “Women’s Entreprenuership”, …..



1-    Dr. Zahra Karimi Moghari    (Head of the Research Center)

                          Email: zakarimi@umz.ac.ir

2-    Dr. Zeinab Sadat Hoseini            Email: z.hoseini@umz.ac.ir

3-    Dr. Sedigheh Lotfi                       Email: s.lotfi@umz

4-    Dr. Ghodsieh Rezvanian              Email : ghrezvan@umz.ac.ir

5-    Dr. Zahra Mila Elmi                         Email: z.elmi@umz.ac.ir

6-    Dr. Ebrahim Salehi Omran               Email: edpes60@hotmail.com

7-    Dr. Mahmoud Sharepour                  Email: m.sharepour@umz.ac.ir

8-    Dr. Mohammad Esmaeil Riahi         Email: m.riahi@umz.ac.ir



Research Center for “Women’s Education and Employment”, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, Babolsar, Iran

Post Code:  13534 – 47416

Tel: +98-11-35302625

Fax: +98-11-35302602

E-mail:  womenstudies@umz.ac.ir