President of the University:


Dr. Kourosh Nozari

  Degree: Professor
  Education: Ph.D in Physics-Gravitation and Cosmology
  Phone: 01135302482
  Faculty: Faculty of Basic Sciences









How The president has been Chosen:

In order to elect the president of the university, the Minister of Science, Research and Technology, would propose the candidate to the Supreme Cultural Council and the suggested person will be appointed as the president after being confirmed by the Council and through the decree of the Minister.

The main duties of UMZ president include:

  • Elaborating the executive policy of the university within the framework of academic, educational, and research policies,
  • Monitoring the smooth performance of plans,
  • Monitoring the educational, research, cultural, administrative, finance, and developmental activities,
  • Monitoring current activities as well as local and international university communications,
  • Creating coordination between different units in order to solve possible problems and referring them to the related officials.

Some of the responsibilities of Office the President:

  • Sorting out the president's daily meetings,
  • Following up the University legal affairs,
  • Referring the related affairs to faculties and vice-presidents,
  • Arranging executive meetings and tracking down issues endorsed in the past,
  • Arranging meetings and events,
  • Following up different affairs of the university in the ministry.