This vice-presidency is responsible for meeting the welfare needs of students throughout

their years of study at UMZ. The main functions of the university are: a) Implementing and

Executing plans related to sports and extracurricular activities; b) Managing the affairs related

to the university restaurants; c) Holding student seminars and conferences; d) Managing affairs

related to dormitories; d) Arranging scientific tours; e) Implementing matters regarding students’

welfare; f)Establishing and activating student scientific committees; and, f) Publishing student

publications and supporting cultural activities.

Each semester, more than 2000(boys 400, girls 1600 students are accommodated in the dormitories

of the University. There they enjoy good health, welfare and consultancy services; they

also receive various student loans and can participate in many pilgrimages and recreational excursions.

There are also libraries and gyms and there is access to wireless internet.