Since the University of Mazandaran has a dynamic research culture, it is committed to supporting researchers, and providing opportunities for its staff to carry out research that happens in parallel with their teaching activities. UMZ is also committed to innovation in research and training. Vice-president for Research and Technology supervises and supports research activities of the faculty members. The main functions of this vice-presidency are:

  • Paving the grounds for the creation of suitable conditions for research activities;
  • Planning and supervising cooperation
  • between UMZ and different associations and organizations in order to identify regional and provincial needs as well as relations with other sectors of society;
  • Preparing and compiling rules and regulations for various research contracts,
  • Identifying the changes in development of research programs in accordance with the needs of the country;
  • Encouraging scholars to present/publish research papers in national and international conferences and recognized refereed journals ;
  • holding scientific seminars and conferences;
  • Planning travel programs of faculty members for making use of study opportunities and participating in scientific conference abroad. Vice-president for Research and Technology is moreover responsible for meeting the welfare needs of students throughout their years of study at UMZ.