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Report of the UMZ students studying at Opole University

After three months of studying and living in the city of Opole, Poland, we, the students of the University of Mazandaran, have gained a lot of new and exciting experiences and learned about a variety of teaching methods, the academic environment of Poland and various cultures.

 The difference in teaching that was interesting to us was the importance of classroom activities, in which most of the lessons did not have a final exam and the grade was based on the student activities in the classroom, their continuing presence and the midterm exams.

In our view, this method can be much more influential on the learning process, because it could be a reason for the students to pay more attention to the classroom and learn continuously.
 We also took the opportunity to participate in Polish language classes.  These classes were an opportunity to learn the most used and essential words of Polish language to live in Poland and to learn the language at the level of everyday conversations.


 The University of Opole holds a variety of cultural programs, including cultural nights in which Erasmus students from different countries provide their traditional food and talk about their home country.
 In the past month, a conference on English Language and sociology was held, and for us attending the workshops was an exceptional opportunity.
 In these few months we found countless international friends, especially from Turkey, Greece, Belgium and Portugal.  We tried to show a warm and pleasant image of Iran and we became aware of the culture of many countries.  Our Polish friends are also very kind and the similarities of the Iranian and Polish culture has brought us closer.  Even the traditional clothes of Poland and the traditional clothes of Mazandaran are very similar.
The Opole university's student magazine interviewed us about Iranian culture and customs.

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